Travelling with a brain tumour - insurance and other issues

Thinking of travelling after a diagnosis? 

It is important to talk to your treatment team prior to making any travel arrangements. Talk to your treating physician about the effects of travelling at high altitude, and ways to mitigate the risks and symptoms for brain tumour patients.  

See the list of countries with a reciprocal health agreement with Australia here.

 An insurance company that may quote online for those with brain tumours is All Clear Travel.

A/Prof Andrew Cole MBBS FAFRM, Chief Medical Officer, HammondCare, Conjoint Associate Professor, UNSW advised at the Sydney forum Patient Forum in May 2017 that the two aircraft types that have a higher cabin pressures (so less dehydration and headache) and those with a high percentage of composites in their construction are the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 (‘Dreamliner’). The Boeing 787 is flown by Jetstar, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, United Airlines, LatAm Chile etc over the Pacific, ANA to Japan, Hainan Air to China, and Qatar and Air India towards West Asia and Europe. Qantas is in the process of incorporating 787s into its fleet. The Airbus A350 is flown by Singapore Airlines, Qatar, and Cathay Pacific.

See Smart Traveller here.

A Definitive Guide for Travelling With Disabilities here is also a good source of information. This guide contains plenty of helpful tips such as:

  • A comprehensive guide to help travellers with disabilities and mobility issues plan and prepare their holidays and journeys abroad.
  • Practical tips and advice for the disabled traveller such as the best, most-accessible holidays and travel destinations, advice on bringing medications and medical equipment abroad, and a useful checklist of essential items to bring.
  • Detailed information about how travelling with a disability affects insurance, what items and equipment may or may not be covered by insurance (e.g. wheelchairs, hearing aids), and other important information.
  • Links to other useful disability resources and references that can help organise a safe and hassle-free trip.