About Brain Tumours

Key Resources

Below are links to several websites, factsheets, and booklets that provide useful information for newly diagnosed persons, their families, and carers.

Multi-cultural Support

For resources in languages other than English see our Multi-cultural Support.

Brain Tumour Australia Fact Sheets

View all Brain Tumour Australia Fact Sheets

Mental Health Issues and Brain Tumours

Beyond Blue and BTAA 

Brain Tumours, Anxiety and Depression (PDF) - Page being updated.

NSW Oncology Group, Cancer Institute NSW

Managing changes to thinking and behaviour after diagnosis of brain tumour - a series of fact sheets and information resources for patients and their carers (16 Fact Sheets and 11 Resource Sheets). These resources provide important information about many of the thinking and behaviour changes people may experience following the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

They can be found on The Brain Cancer Group website at this link and then click on 'Patient Resources'.

Brain Tumour Statistics

Brain Cancer in Australia Statistics 2021

Quick Brain Tumour Facts from the US

Brain Tumour Statistics - Facts 2016 (PDF)

Carer Support

(Note: These are American publications and not all information is relevant in Australia)

Orientation to Caregiving (PDF)

Transitions in Care (PDF)

End of Life Care (PDF)