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BTAA Educational Grants

July 5, 2016

BTAA Member Sponsorship and Educational Grants


BTAA offers two types of sponsorship to our financial members.


  • Educational Grants are available to our financial members who are nurses and other allied health professionals, or researchers, with a particular interest in supporting people living with brain tumours. Grants are available to attend events like COGNO in Australia and SNO, ISPNO and ASNO internationally. Download the guidelines here.
    • BTAA reimburses expenses up to $600 for a national event or $1,500 for an international event, upon presentation of receipts for travel, accommodation or registration.  More $ may be available at the discretion of the BTAA committee.
      • Thanks to the Nicola Scott Educational Trust for the educational grant funding.
      • Nicola loved butterflies and purple. Read more about Nicola here.


  • BTAA also provides grants to our financial members who provide peer to peer support. Financial assistance is provided to enable our members to attend the BTAA National Summit, held in conjunction with COGNO.  e.g. Those who run support groups, those who volunteer for the Cancer Connect Service, those who manage a dedicated online support page.
    • Grants are on a case by case basis and depend on the distance to be travelled, other income sources etc.  
      • These grants are paid for out of BTAA's donation revenue. Thank you to our donors.  


It is easy to become a financial member of BTAA  - see here.

For more information on our grants and educational grants contact The Treasurer, c/- SHOUT, PO Box 717 Mawson, ACT, 2607.

Email btaa@shout.org.au cc Catherine@hindson.org.au


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