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Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA) was established in 2008.  We are the only national consumer led brain tumour patient and caregiver organisation in Australia. Help us raise our voice - become a member here.


While welcoming the advice and input of specialists, BTAA seeks to represent the brain tumour community from the viewpoint of the patient, family and caregiver.


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You can also Request a free copy of “Primer for Brain Tumors”. Note: One copy per patient or family.





BTAA also provides a paediatric brain tumour handbook developed by the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. The handbook is customised for families with a child diagnosed with a brain tumour.


Request a free copy of the handbook here. Note: One copy per patient or family. 

Latest News

22 October 2016
The 10th International Brain Tumour Awareness Week is an initiative of the International Brain Tumour Alliance. We encourage you to organise your own event to raise awareness and register it with The IBTA.Read more
19 October 2016
International Brain Tumour Awareness Week runs from 22 - 29 October 2016. Read about the two great activities in Perth. Please support the walk on Sunday 23 October and the lunch on Wednesday 26 October.Read more
18 October 2016
Professor Ben Williams - a 21-year glioblastoma survivor - has published a free update to his book: “Surviving Terminal Cancer”. Originally published in 2002, he offers free updates that include the latest research and treatment developments from a US perRead more
17 October 2016
This edition of our BTAA Newsletter includes articles on Julia's trip to the US, Janet's trip to Toronto, Mary's trip to Australia and NZ, and more.Read more

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