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How We Help

BTAA seeks to provide peer support to people living with a brain tumour, and to their caregivers, family and friends. BTAA provides information resources to newly diagnosed patients and their families – you can view the resources available to you under our ‘Resources’ tab. 


We have a support line 1800 number for peer support - 1800 857 221 (available only in Australia) where you can speak to someone who knows what it is like to travel the brain tumour journey.


We provide resources to newly diagnosed persons, their family and carers and referral to the most appropriate support services in their area.


We also provide trained consumer representatives for brain tumour-relevant advisory bodies and work with other disease-specific cancer groups and umbrella bodies that will require all prospective brain tumour consumer representatives to undertake training. 

BTAA also seeks to:

  • Financially assist the professional development of health care professionals with a particular interest in brain tumours;
  • Guide improvements to brain tumour research, treatment and care; 
  • Ensure treatment options are based on the best available evidence. We seek to work with the pharmaceutical industry, where appropriate, in ensuring access by more Australian brain tumour patients to subsidised and approved therapies, and participation in industry and investigator-initiated clinical trials. BTAA will seek to offer input to the design of such trials so that the best interests of the patient are always respected;
  • Make recommendations to government about brain tumour policy and priorities;
  • Guide government and health professionals in brain tumour policy and programs and
  • We act as a channel of information to the Federal Parliamentary brain tumour interest group and Federal and State Governments, and will promote awareness about public policy issues of concern to the brain tumour community.


Speak to someone who knows what it's like to travel the brain tumour journey. Our support line no. is 1800 857 221.    
BTAA is focusing its attention on the public policy implications of the leading single cause of cancer related mortality in children and young to middle aged adults in Australia.


BTAA is advocating to Governments to support increased access to specially trained brain tumour care-coordinators to act as patient advocates, coordinating care for people with brain tumours, their families and carers. Read more about our submission to the Australian Senate Enquiry in 2017 and to the Government in January 2014.