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Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA) is the only national brain tumour patient and caregiver organisation in Australia. It was established in late 2008 by a group of brain tumour patients and current and former caregivers. While welcoming the advice and input of specialists, BTAA seeks to represent the brain tumour community from the viewpoint of the patient, family and caregiver.


BTAA is concerned about all brain tumours - paediatric and adult, malignant and so-called benign, and metastatic brain tumours. In other words, all tumours of the central nervous system, which includes the spinal cord. It believes that brain tumours represent a neglected cancer, which places enormous challenges on the patient and family and requires a unique response and a much increased research effort supported by the community and governments.

This is a link to a PDF version of BTAA's Rules and Objects and Purposes.


BTAA provides information resources to newly diagnosed patients and their families. It has established a free call 1800 number for peer support (1800 857 221). BTAA can provide trained consumer representatives for brain tumour-relevant advisory bodies.

The BTAA has a Freecall number: 1800 857 221 (available only in Australia) where you can speak to someone who knows what it is like to travel the brain tumour journey. * Only free to the caller from landlines, not mobiles.

BTAA will work closely with the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) in its promotion of the annual International Brain Tumour Awareness Week and the annual Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours (1 January - 31 December, 2013, see www.theibta.org)

Public policy influence: BTAA will seek to act as a channel of information to the proposed Federal Parliamentary brain tumour interest group and Federal and State Governments, and will promote awareness about public policy issues of concern to the brain tumour community.

New Zealand: BTAA welcomes the involvement of interested people from New Zealand because much can be done in the area of Trans-Tasman co-operation.

Not a research fund-raiser: BTAA will not seek to become a fund-raising organisation for brain tumour research because of a belief that there is now a range of such bodies already in existence that are undertaking this role very successfully. BTAA has compiled a list of 16 charitable organisations and research organisations for those who seek a suitable recipient for bequests and donations.

Establishment:  BTAA Inc has been registerd as an Association incorporated in the ACT, registration number AO4837.

Consumer representatives: BTAA will seek to work with other disease-specific cancer groups and umbrella bodies and will require all prospective brain tumour consumer representatives to undertake training. BTAA will support and respect the established position of the various Cancer Councils.

Clinical trials: BTAA will seek to work with the pharmaceutical industry, where appropriate, in ensuring access by more Australian brain tumour patients to subsidised and approved therapies, and participation in industry and investigator-initiated clinical trials. BTAA will seek to offer input to the design of such trials so that the best interests of the patient are always respected