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  • Here is a link to a website resource list of "neurological cancers", within links for "rare cancers",  maintained by Cancer Australia. 
  • Headlines is a quarterly newsletter produced for brain tumour patients and their families by Rosemary Cashman for the BC (Canada) Cancer Agency and particular articles on particular subjects. The website for the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada also provides useful resources.
  • Health Direct (a FREE* 24-hour telephone health advice line staffed by Registered Nurses to provide expert health advice. BTAA has not yet evaluated the nurses' level of knowledge about brain tumour-specific health challenges). 
  • Making treatment decisions 
  • Workaftercancer.com.au  - a Flinders University guide to work after cancer. Funding from Cancer Australia.


BTAA can also send you either a printed copy of the Primer for Brain Tumours (adults) or a copy of a resource for parents of children with brain tumours. Subscribe to our free e-news, hardcopy newsletter service and request your free copy of either the Primer or Paediatric resource Note: One copy per patient or family.

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See Support organisations for a list of support services available in Australia - including consumer led support groups. 

See also Useful Links for other groups involved in support and research for brain tumours or cancer in general.