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Making Treatment Decisions

 This Guide contains useful information on making treatment decisions.

Understanding Brain Tumours - A Guide for people with brain or spinal cord tumours and their family and friends.


BTAA is developing a register of Australasian professionals with a professed interested in brain tumour treatment.


We offer no rating as to who might have more experience or knowledge from among these specialists but we do encourage patients and caregivers to ask their initial specialist extensively about their interest and experience in the area that is relevant for your care. It is also important to remember that you have a right to a second opinion.


Developing a list of specialists is a very difficult task because many of the oncologists, for example, do not specialise solely in brain tumours but work in other cancer fields and many of the neurosurgeons undertake other neurosurgery apart from craniotomies for brain tumours.


A list of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons is available here - http://www.surgeons.org/find-a-surgeon 

Search for a medical oncologist here http://www.moga.org.au/find-oncologist


Health Complaints Commissioners


Any complaints about the medical service you receive should be directed to your local health complaints commissioner.


Links to the websites for health care complaints commissioners in Australia and New Zealand are available here:



beyondblue Directory of Medical and Allied Health Practitioners in Mental Health


Click here to access this directory. Depression can be a problem associated with any serious illness. Please note the disclaimer on the BeyondBlue website.